Cloud services are geared up for being the most suitable option for storing data online.

30 Jan, 2020
In the olden days, most companies depended on in-house servers for storing their growing collection of data and online files. However, storing data online on a cloud server, is the next big thing in today’s digital world, as it allows unlimited storage for your business.
Kosmos Vault is an on premise, open source solution which enables Enterprise file share and synchronization. Our solution will transform your filing system into a streamlined, cloud-based, digital filing system.
“The best thing about storing all the data in the Vault, is that it ensures affordability and the data can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world.” – Schalk van der Merwe, COO of Enterprise Outsourcing.
With our specialized solution, users can easily drag and drop files on to cloud storage. It is easy to save all the files and data in the cloud and no technical knowledge is required for this purpose. A source of actionable insight, revealing important information wherever you are.
It is recommended for every business to have a “back-up” plan in case of an emergency. After all, losing important business data can be a huge loss for any business and therefore it is of utmost importance to make use of a secure cloud solution. Kosmos Vault, can ensure that once data is stored on the cloud, that it is secured. The best thing about using Vault’s storage, is that server data is distributed across redundant servers and the data stored on the cloud, is safeguarded against any type of hardware failure. We also provide automated back-ups in order to make sure that your data is extra safe.
The amount of convenience and peace of mind offered by our cloud storage system is amazing, even if you store data on transportable devices like external hard drives or flash drives, some kind of manual intervention and physical handling is required. The data that is stored in the Vault, is fully backed up online and it can be accessed from anywhere with ease. Information is automatically saved as it streams in, so there is no need for you to save, label or track any of your information. Our solution enables you to completely concentrate on your work without getting stressed about any data loss.
We help you to achieve a secured solution which puts you in control. For more information on our streamlined, cloud-based solution, feel free to contact us on or email us at
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At Kosmos Vault we provide tailored cloud backup solutions as well as a secure digital file storage for your business that allows for easy file sharing amongst your employees at anytime and anywhere.
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